CytoWeb User Group

CytoWeb User Group

18:00 13 August in News

On the 18th of december 2013 we organised the CytoWeb user group in the beautiful scenery of the Golf de Tournette. It was a great experience where oncologists, pharmacists and nurses exchanged thoughts, participated in workshops and enjoyed a wonderful dinner afterwards.

Oncologists, pharmacists and nurses of more than 10 hospitals participated in different workshops.

The first workshop focused on the role of CytoWeb when prescribing treatments for patients. Hosted by Jean Auquier, the participating oncologists discussed various topics and proposed nice improvements to the tool.

In the next workshop hosted by Tristan Evain and Frederic Costenoble, the present pharmacists discussed the current preparation flow in Cytoweb and what adjustments could be made to CytoWeb.

During the last workshop, hosted by Thierry Parquet and Olivier Vanekem, the nursing staff discussed the last pillar of CytoWeb, the administration of the prescriptions.