33rd VVRO Congress

33rd VVRO Congress

09:08 02 December in News

The 33rd VVRO Congress was organized by the Nursing Association for Oncology & Radiotherapy on November 19, 2016 in Edegem (Antwerpen). Our team was really happy to showcase you our latest version of CytoWeb, which includes new integrations with tools and devices. CytoWeb has now a partnership with BBraun pumps. This partnership provides “closed loop integrations” with CytoWeb. That means that CytoWeb can manage the complete flow of a prescription: the physician prescribes in CytoWeb, CytoWeb guides the preparation of the pharmacist and CytoWeb programs the pump with the exact values as prescribed by the physician with is a great help for the nurses!

Check out more, here on the VVRO website.

Here are some pictures of this great day: