Who are we?

Knoware is a company specialized in I.T. software development.

Today, computers are everywhere, and good and innovative software has become centric. Could you imagine a bank running without the appropriate applications? Do you remember when your phone could only make phone calls? Well we don’t.

We’ve built software for the financial industry for 20 years now, software handling each day millions of transactions, software connecting customers, employees to the core bank applications and this through browsers, phones, tablets. Five years ago, Knoware started in the healthcare sector with the same objective: apply software innovation and practices to create the applications that healthcare really needs.

Among our realizations, ComeoCare, allows oncology departments to prepare and follow treatments for patients suffering from cancer, and now, oncologists, pharmacists and nurses are collaborating efficiently, resulting in more safety, getting more time for their patients.
MedCheck, another application we built, checks automatically, while doctors are prescribing for potential drugs interactions within the patient’s treatment.
SafetyNet will deliver a crowd-sourcing platform allowing thousands of users in different organizations all over the world to collaborate in the design of new safety procedures and treatments.

Our DNA is to build the applications you will need, applications that automates your business processes so that you can dedicate your time to your customers. We put innovation at the heart of the software solutions we build. We’re here to help you tackle the challenge of delivering high quality software.

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Since 2012, Knoware is the editor of ComeoCare, the Belgian leading complex treatment management tool. ComeoCare is of strategic importance to Knoware, and that is why we invest a lot of time to keep ComeoCare number one on the market. We are constantly improving and adding new functionalities. Knoware is also the editor of MedCheck, a web service that allows hospitals to check the interactions between two or more different drugs.


Knoware provides consultancy in different domains of software projects. Our collaborators help you to achieve your business goals onsite. We have can help you during the different steps in the application management lifecycle: project & service management, enterprise architecture, business requirements & functional analysis, solution architecture, design & development, quality assurance and testing.


Knoware can help you with your application management, through the selection of the right architecture, design and development of your application, testing and making sure your application gets deployed through the support and maintenance phase. This can either be accomplished through a fixed price project but we greatly appreciate the co-sourcing solution. The project goals are reached in complete collaboration with your team.

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