Administration with ComeoCare


Nurses can at all time consult the list of patients, their past and current treatments, and the status of each prescription. The history of all prescriptions, with a detailed description of who did what, is available.

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ComeoCare provides the nursing staff with a list of the preparations to be administered to each patient.

When a product has been administered, the nursing staff changes the status of the corresponding prescription, which allows the doctor to be informed that the process has been correctly carried out and allows a precise history of the administered products.

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ComeoCare is available for all devices

ComeoCare is built with the latest development technologies like HTML5, CSS and Javascript Knoware’s libraries.
This means that it can run on all devices, complete PCs to laptops, from tablets to smartphones.
ComeoCare follows the responsive design pattern, which means that ComeoCare screens automatically adjust so that the users always get the best user experience on the device they are currently using.
Thus, for example, the list of products contains more details when it is displayed on a laptop than on a tablet. When displaying the details of a product, the user that uses a tablet scroll down to see the full details while most of the data will be immediately visible on a laptop screen. In both cases, however, the user will have access to the same functionalities.

ComeoCare automatically detects the device it is running on, and in the case of the nursing overview, extra functionalities are available on smaller devices, to allow smooth navigation and user friendly bedside scanning. This is how ComeoCare offers a “closed loop integration”. Read more about these scanning features.

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