ComeoCare fact sheet

ComeoCare is reliable and available, everywhere and always
  • Marked as CE medical device class 1
  • Web application installed on a central server, available on all workstations on site
  • Responsive, available on all devices, including tablets and smart phones
  • Fully multilingual
ComeoCare handles all stages of the complete chemotherapeutic treatment
  • Product management
  • Complete protocol management including complete validation workflow
  • Manual and Electronic Prescription
  • Pharmaceutical validation
  • Preparation guidance
  • Drug administration
ComeoCare handles all the features of cytotoxic drug management
  • Dose calculation: per m2, per kg, AUC …
  • Cumulative dose calculation and checks
  • Minimum and maximum concentrations
  • Stability
ComeoCare optimises and secures the process and provides full traceability
  • Patient data throughout the full flow
  • Complete history of all actions
  • Preparation guidance
  • Prints complete manufacturing guidelines and labels
  • ComeoCare proposes product packaging and solvent selection based on calculated dose
ComeoCare is interoperable with the other information flows
  • Electronic patient file
  • Pharmacy stock management
  • Lab results
  • Nursing planning tool