Preparing with ComeoCare

Product Management

ComeoCare enables the pharmacists to manage the list of products that can be used for treatments, as well as the properties and options of each type of products.

These products can be defined according to their trade names or only as molecules. The packaging then defines the references that are actually used.

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The prescription and preparation page allows the pharmacists to be alerted of the prescription requiring handling while providing them with a help for the preparations.

When the pharmacy decides to start the preparation, a detailed preparation fiche for each prescription guides the preparer throughout the preparation.

After preparation, the pharmacy can change the status of the prescription to alert nursing that the products are ready for administration.

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When configured correctly, ComeoCare can be linked to a pharmacy stock management package (see Integrations for more information).

When a prescription reaches the right status – in most cases this is configured when a prescription is administered – ComeoCare can send a message to the stock pharmacy tool. This tool will then take the necessary actions: adapt the internal stock, add the product to the patient’s invoice…

In all cases, the pharmacy has the possibility to check, control and adapt the data that is sent to the pharmacy management tool.

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