Preparation of cytostatic products

The prescription and preparation page allows the pharmacists to be alerted of the prescription requiring handling while providing them with a help for the preparations.

The monitoring page shows the different prescriptions or treatment lines per status. The pharmacy also has screen to display all the orders, or the order book for next week.

The pharmacists may, for practical reasons, modify some of the automatically calculated information :

  • Packaging
  • Diluent
  • Pump

It is also possible to add some items to the preparation (compress for example) and to add a comment for the attention of the person in charge of the preparation.

Preparation guidance

The preparation fiche is then adapted to the changes and various screens and printouts are available and can be personalized:

  • Personalised labels to stick on to the finished preparation (connected to a labelprinter).
  • Detailed preparation fiche for each prescription.
  • Prescription order book and previsions.

ComeoCare helps the pharmacists to plan the tasks and manage the stocks.

Integration in laminar flow cabinets and isolators

ComeoCare can directly be incorporated into the screens of laminar flow cabinets or isolators. The specific screens guide the pharmacists through the complete flow of product picking, complete preparation and delivery.

When scanning the basket, ComeoCare detects the prescription id and displays the corresponding preparation steps in the cabinet or isolator, without all printing and paper hassles. And it goes without saying that the automation of these steps greatly improve the safety and tracebility of the complete flow.

When the preparation is finished and the final product is validated, ComeoCare can automatically print the label with a barcode or QR code identifying the prescription.