Product Management

Product list

The application enables the pharmacists to manage the list of products that can be used for treatments, as well as the properties and options of each type of products. Products can be added, modified and deleted but also replaced. Based on different rules this replacement will require revalidation of the protocols using this product or not.

These products can be defined according to their trade names or only as molecules.

The stock is not managed by ComeoCare. However, a link to a stock management and invoicing software program is possible at different levels.

Product details

Even when ComeoCare is linked to an external system managing the full list of available products, extra properties are required for cytostatic management, such as stability data and dose calculation formulas.

It is also possible to associate dosage limits to a product, which allows ComeoCare to activate safety measures in case of overdosage.

Linked items

ComeoCare also manages a series of elements linked to the products:

  • packaging
  • administration methods
  • diluents
  • pumps

When a link between ComeoCare and  a stock management package is established, the defined packaging defines the references that are actually used and that are passed to the external stock management application.