Prescribing with ComeoCare


The patient list can be completely managed by ComeoCare but it can also be linked to the hospital’s patient file software system or own database.

This allows the integration of ComeoCare in the digital Patient’s Medical Record while using a unique patient identification number.

Starting from a very easy patient look-up, the complete patient history can be browsed and new treatments can be added.

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Treatments plans

Define, validate and update a list of structured treatment plans. When the doctor meets a patient, the protocol can be chosen from this list after the diagnose. ComeoCare will calculate the correct doses based on the patient’s data.

A protocol contains the full timeline for the administration of the cytostatic drugs and allows you to enter extra comments and questions.

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Treatment plans and prescriptions

Treatments are at the heart of the application. Although it is possible to define prescription manually, it is often better to start from one the treatment plans. These can be modified at any time.

When a protocol is attached to a patient, ComeoCare will create a treatment and calculate all doses. ComeoCare will control different settings, such as 2 administrations overlapping in time, cumulated maximum or minimum dose, verification of the presence of glucose in the product for diabetic patients, etc.

ComeoCare will guide the hospital staff through the complete life cycle of each prescription which ensures the follow-up and a better communication between the hospital departments. ComeoCare also supports electronic prescription which means that all prescriptions are digitally signed and sent and no further manipulation is needed.

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