Treatment Plans

What are Treatment Plans

The application makes it possible to define, validate and update a list of structured treatment plans. These predefined protocols or regimens can then be linked to a selected patient.

The plan consist of different lines, each representing an administration of a certain product. Since all products have to be validated by a doctor, such a line corresponds with a prescription when the protocol is selected for a patient.

Each line corresponds with the administering of a product

  • On a defined day and time
  • According to dosing defined by a specified formula  (e.g.: by m², by weight, AUC-CrCl,…)
  • Using a defined diluent (limited to those defined in the product fiche)
  • Via a defined administering route (limited to those defined in the product fiche)

The diluent and the administering route can be replaced by a pump.  The possible pumps for this product are limited to those defined in the product fiche.

These plans can also contain extra comment lines so that upon selection of the plan these lines will always appear. E.g. when a nurse consults a treatment for a patient, these extra comment lines will always appear and help to perform the right action.

Adding an extra line to a protocol, is very easy and the user is guided through the process steps by a wizard.

Protocol management

The management of the plans allows you to be alerted at any time of the change or the deletion of a product from the plan so that the plan can be adapted with no risks of using an incorrect plan. A change always requires the plan to be re-validated by a physician before it can be used again for treatments.

The application also controls that there is no time-overlap between two lines. If such an overlap would be required, then the system allows keeping it.

These plans will be used as models to be applied and adapted for each patient’s treatment.