Treatments and Prescriptions

Selecting a treatment

Treatments are at the heart of the application. Although it is possible to define prescriptions manually, it is often better to start from one the treatment plans. These can be modified at any time. 

After a protocol has been selected, the weight, height and blood values of the patient have to be entered. When the integration with a lab software package is activated, these data can be prefilled. ComeoCare will then calculate the dose for the patient for each line representing the administration of a product. 

ComeoCare allows users – with the correct permissions – to alter the calculated data, and even to alter the proposed protocol: new drugs and comments can be added, existing values can be changed. All changes are highlighted and need to be validated.

ComeoCare provides different views for the treatment and the corresponding lines:

  • the standard tabular view
  • the timeline view
  • the calendar view

The history of all changes is available at all times – ComeoCare provides complete traceability of all treatments and prescriptions.

Validation and follow-up

When a prescription is added or changed, ComeoCare executes a validation plan and starts controlling the validity of the treatment. Some of the checks include:

  • Changing the drug used in a prescription
  • Overlap in time of 2 prescriptions
  • Cumulated dose
  • Maximum or minimum dose
  • Verification of the presence of glucose in the product for diabetic patients
  • Prescription by nursing

Each line representing the administration of a product corresponds with a prescription. This prescription has to be validated and signed by the prescribing doctor. If configured correctly, ComeoCare can sign these prescriptions digitally, group them in a time-stamping bag and send them electronically to the right platform, such as the Belgian eHealth platform.

Each prescription has a life cycle and therefore a status which ensures the follow-up and a better communication between the hospital departments. Follow-up is ensured throughout:

  • Definition by the doctor
  • Go for preparation by the doctor or the nursing staff
  • Preparation by the pharmacy
  • Administration by the nursing staff
  • Cancellation of the treatment

The treatment reports provide a printed paper-support which minimises reading errors. These treatment reports can be personalised to the hospital’s wishes.