Using ComeoCare

ComeoCare is available on all devices

ComeoCare is built with the latest development techniques such as HTML5, CSS and Knoware’s Javascript libraries.

This means that it runs on all devices, from full blown PCs over laptops, to tablets and smart phones.

It follows the responsive design pattern, which means that the screens of ComeoCare automatically adapt so that the user gets the best viewing experience on the device (s)he is currently using.

E.g. the list of products will show more detail when displayed on a laptop than when displayed on a tablet. When displaying the detail of a product, the user will have to scroll down to view the full detail while most will be visible immediately on one laptop screen. In both cases however, the user will have access to the same functionalities.

ComeoCare is available everywhere in your institute

ComeoCare is installed on a central server and is a pure web application. This means that ComeoCare is available on all devices on which a web browser is installed.

You can follow the full chemotherapeutic process on all machines within your institute. If you have access to the hospital’s network from your home, you can even use ComeoCare directly from any workstation at your home.

The features of ComeoCare that can be used are of course based on the access rights that the administrator granted to the different users and user groups.